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Grand Annual Draw Prize | Monthly Prize Draw |

Mustafa Lucky Draw

Entry Information

  1. Ensure a minimum spend of S$250 in a single receipt.
  2. For every S$250 you spend, you earn one entry.
    • Example: A receipt of S$950 gifts you 3 entries.
    • Splurge S$1,001? Celebrate with 4 entries!
  1. Commit to a minimum spend of S$10,000 on one receipt.
  2. Here’s how the entries stack up:
    • Spend S$10,000, and you’ve got 1 entry.
    • Double that to S$20,000? You’re in with 2 entries.
    • Cross the luxurious mark of $1M, and 3 entries are all yours. Plus, for every additional S$1,000,000, you receive an extra entry.
  1. Your eligibility hinges on the receipt date.
  2. If you happen to sign up after your qualifying period, don’t worry! You’ll be automatically enrolled for at least one Grand Annual Draw.
Draw No. Start date End date
1 9-Sep-2023 6-Oct-2023
2 7-Oct-2023 10-Nov-2023
3 11-Nov-2023 8-Dec-2023
4 9-Dec-2023 5-Jan-2024
5 6-Jan-2024 9-Feb-2024
6 10-Feb-2024 8-Mar-2024
7 9-Mar-2024 5-Apr-2024
8 6-Apr-2024 10-May-2024
9 11-May-2024 7-Jun-2024
10 8-Jun-2024 5-Jul-2024
11 6-Jul-2024 9-Aug-2024
12 10-Aug-2024 6-Sep-2024
Draw No. Start date End date
1 9-Sep-2023 6-Sep-2024

How to Enter

  1. Begin by scanning the provided QR Code in-store or visit
  2. Upon accessing the form, enter your receipt number and its corresponding value.
  3. Next, you’ll be prompted to provide your contact details.
  4. Once everything’s filled out, hit the “Submit” button.
  5. Important: Ensure you fill in your contact details with precision. It’s our bridge to you if you’re the lucky winner!

Each month, five lucky individuals will be rewarded with US$5,000. In addition to these monthly prizes, one fortunate participant will be crowned the grand winner, taking home a staggering US$1,000,000.

It’s worth noting that all entries, inclusive of monthly winners, remain in contention for the Grand Draw scheduled for 7th September 2024.

Winners will be unveiled live at our Singapore store on the specified draw dates.

For those unable to join us in-store, we’ll be broadcasting the announcement via a live stream on our social media platforms.

Once winners are confirmed, notifications will be dispatched to them through email, WhatsApp, and post.

If you are a lucky winner, you can collect your prize money at the next Draw date event.

You will be contacted prior to the next Draw date.

Winners are required to initially contact the organizer using the details provided in their winning notification sent via email, WhatsApp, or post.

Upon successful verification, winners will be invited to attend the subsequent in-store Draw event. Here, they will be ceremoniously presented with their winning cheque before the commencement of the next Draw.

Note: Any prizes that remain unclaimed two months post the winner announcement will be forfeited. The unclaimed prize amounts will then be graciously donated to a charity approved by the Singapore Community Chest.

Draw No. Draw Date
1 7-Oct-2023
2 11-Nov-2023
3 9-Dec-2023
4 6-Jan-2024
5 10-Feb-2024
6 9-Mar-2024
7 6-Apr-2024
8 11-May-2024
9 8-Jun-2024
10 6-Jul-2024
11 10-Aug-2024
12 7-Sep-2024

Winner List

  1. Prasad Belakar
  2. Veera Venkata Satya Raghava Rao Gavara
  3. Pandurangan Rajagopal
  4. Rakesh Kumar Gupta
  5. Ganesh Venkatraman
  1. Mir Ebrahim
  2. N. Karunakaran
  3. Tamizh K
  4. Prabhu Mahadevan
  5. Bee Kuan Lim
  1. Ramya Subramanian
  2. Mollah Sanaulla
  3. Hossen Jamal
  4. Paramasivam Krishna Kumar
  5. Miah Mohammad Chan
  1. Nisha Prasad
  2. Sengoden Boopathi
  3. Suneel Podapati
  4. Haripriya Rajesh
  5. Shanmugam Rajesekaran
  1. Fajle Rabbi
  2. Md Kamal Hossen
  3. Chandrasen Guduru
  4. G Sai Kiran Reddy
  5. Himanshu Shukla
  1. Annmalaiarumugam Arumugam
  2. Sarker Yeasin
  3. Srikrishnan Gurumoorthy Iyer
  4. Mukund Phatak
  5. Subramani Thiyagu