Mustafa Jewellery

A symphony of craftsmanship and elegance

Mustafa Jewellery

A symphony of craftsmanship and elegance

For All Occasions

  • Akshaya Tritiya

    Rejoice in the blessed occasion of Akshaya Tritiya with our divine assortment of jewellery, curated to invite prosperity, fortune, and divine favours into your life. From sacred gold and diamond artefacts to intricately designed pendants and bangles, our collection encapsulates the spirit of this auspicious day, enabling you to welcome the infinite blessings it imparts.

  • Anniversary

    Celebrate the joyful milestones of love and commitment. With our exquisite collection of anniversary jewellery, we help you commemorate your special moments in style, making every anniversary a cherished memory to be treasured forever.

  • Baby Births

    Honour the birth of a cherished little one with our splendid array of jewellery, tailored to celebrate the delightful event of a baby's arrival. Explore magical pieces that wonderfully encapsulate the spirit of this significant milestone, from dainty charms signifying love and safeguarding to charming designs radiating innocence and awe.

  • Birthday

    Immerse in the sheer bliss of honouring a beloved birthday with our distinguished range of Indian jewellery, meticulously crafted to mark this significant occasion. From vibrant adornments that carry deep-rooted significance to classic designs that embody the allure and elegance of Indian artistry, our assortment presents a bounty of choices to make every birthday a spectacular and fashionable event.

  • Deepavali

    Light up your Deepavali festivities with our magnificent collection of Indian jewellery. From glistening diamonds to resplendent gold, our creations are designed to echo the bright glow of the radiant diyas, adding a sprinkle of extra glitter and sophistication to your festive celebrations. Revel in the joy of Deepavali with Mustafa Jewellery.

  • Engagement

    Initiate your timeless love journey with our enchanting engagement jewellery array, thoughtfully fashioned to epitomise the pledge of a shared lifetime. From glittering diamond solitaires to exquisitely detailed engagement rings, each piece personifies the quintessence of romance and acts as an everlasting emblem of your dedication.

  • Wedding

    Step into a world of wedded bliss adorned in our extraordinary Indian wedding jewellery, painstakingly handcrafted to embellish your grand day with unmatched beauty and magnificence. From regal bridal sets and resplendent wedding bands to graceful accessories, our assortment intertwines matrimonial traditions with contemporary sophistication, assuring your wedding attire beautifully mirrors your unique love saga.

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Gold Exchange rates

Gold Rate in Malaysia Ringgit

22k-916 Jewellery 84.00
24k-999 Jewellery 9014.00

Last Updated on: 25-04-2023 08:37:07 PM (SGT)

Gold Price Disclaimer:
Please note that the gold rates displayed here are indicative. The prices in-store may differ due to timing differences in updates and rapid market fluctuations. We appreciate your understanding.

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Our Timeless History

At Mustafa Jewellery, we believe that every piece of jewellery tells a unique story and is a reflection of one’s personality and style. We offer an extensive range of traditional and contemporary jewellery designs that cater to every generation.

Our commitment to quality, authenticity and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust and loyalty of our customers, who return to us time and time again for their jewellery needs.

We take pride in our rich legacy of providing you with exquisite and timeless pieces of jewellery that stand the test of time. We continue to uphold our reputation for quality and craftsmanship, delivering stunning creations that embody elegance and sophistication.

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