The event unfurled with an icebreaker, weaving the allure of gold jewellery into conversations and laughter. Emcee Anand K, with his dynamic presence, brought clarity to the lucky draw’s mechanics: for every $250 SGD spent, participants gained an entry into the Lucky Draw. This isn’t just any draw; it was a chance to win US$ 5,000 in the Monthly Draw and a shot at the grand prize of US$1,000,000 in the Grand Annual Draw.

A Day of Celebration and Luck

As the event progressed, June months winners were celebrated.  Their names were announced amidst a flurry of applause, received their prizes, igniting a sense of possibility among the audience.

In a delightful twist, a quiz about Mustafa Jewellery and also what made Mustafa jewellery so loved among its customers engaged attendees. Their knowledge of the brand earned them applause and a chance at the coveted 1-gram gold bars, of which two lucky attendees became proud owners. There were also some amazing chances of winning 1- gram gold bars, by giving their honest reviews on youtube and the most amazing reviews were given a chance to win the 1- gram gold bar which was really loved by the attendees.

The event also shone a light on the unsung heroes behind the scenes. An interview with staff members, including Reena Balhai, offered a glimpse into the dedication that made the event possible, drawing appreciation from the crowd.

The anticipation built as the first two lucky draw winners were announced, their fortunes cheered by an enthusiastic audience. Emcee Anand K’s vibrant voice filled the room, his announcements met with eager applause.

As the event drew to a close, the final winners were announced, and their joy was shared by all present.

All five June winners were announced to the sound of an excited crowd:

  • Sundar RK
  • Karishma Yoheesan
  • Govindha Konar Ramachandra
  • Karthigayan Krishnamoorthy
  • Dorji Penjor

Emcee Anand K concluded the event with heartfelt thanks, inviting feedback and sharing his gratitude. He encouraged everyone to stay tuned for future events, including the exciting next month’s live draw, and also gave emphasis one our annual draw of 1 million dollars to happen in the month of september which made the audience wait in anticipation

The Lucky Draw Event in Pictures

How to Enter the Lucky Draw

The Lucky Draw event was a celebration of community, joy, and the golden opportunities that come with every chance. As attendees departed, they left with not just memories but also dreams of what their next $250 SGD could bring.

For more information on how to enter and take part, read more information here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mustafa Jewellery Lucky Draw

To participate, you need to spend a minimum of $250 SGD at Mustafa Jewellery. Every $250 spent earns you one entry into the Lucky Draw.

Participants have a chance to win US$ 5,000 in cash in the Monthly Draw and are also entered into the running to win US$1,000,000 in the Grand Annual Draw.

There is no specified limit. You will receive one entry for every $250 SGD spent, so the more you spend, the more entries you’ll receive.

The exact draw dates vary. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the Mustafa Jewellery Promotions page.

Winners will be notified by Mustafa Jewellery via email, Whatsapp, and a letter sent by registered mail. Ensure your contact information is up-to-date when you make your purchase. Please do not go into the store to ask if you’re a winner, the staff at the stores is not authorised to verify your winner status.

Winners will receive instructions on prize collection directly from Mustafa Jewellery via email and WhatsApp. This usually involves verifying your identity and possibly completing some paperwork.